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Land Reserves

Greenpoint Land Reserves is a Sphere of the Movement DAO. As a Nonprofit organization, we are building the DAO Controlled Land Trust.
A land preservation system that incentivizes the socio-economic growth of surrounding communities while creating a decentralized value structure to enrich the DAO.

About Us

Nonprofit Sphere
of the Movement DAO

Founded in 2017, The Movement DAO is a grassroots and globally collaborative project focused on creating value for humanity's benefit.

As a Nonprofit, Greenpoint Land Reserves is building the DAO Controlled Land Trust, a leverage-able tool owned and managed by the DAO. Designed as a Land preservation and conservation system, we are building systems that benefit all involved.

Movement DAO members can participate in the ongoing development of the Land Trust through smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum Mainnet.

  • Natural Land Access
  • Community Enrichment
  • DAO Investment
  • Censorship Resistant
  • Open to All
How It Works

DAO Controlled Land Holdings

Step 1

Land AcquirementLand Management Team

Greenpoint Land Reserves (GLR) identifies lands with varying degrees of intrinsic value and weighs them against the surrounding communities' current socio-economic needs.

Step 2

Preservation +Greenpoint Land Trust

Once acquired, property is placed into a land trust which states the DAO as Benefactor. GLR is named a Trustee and acts as Asset Manager for the DAO.

Step 3

Public GoodsCrypto Land Preserve

Built as a bridge, this physical store of value owned by the DAO creates new vision of what is possible. We are creating new forms of the social contract.

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The first steps into Proof of ACRE and the DAO Controlled Land Trust.


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